Monday, June 19, 2006

Lumpy Spends the Night

I'm posting some examples of the work I'm doing on Tigger & Pooh. Hope Disney doesn't mind too much...consider it free advertising! Ok - so the cover pages aren't part of the story, but they have become a tradition around our crowd. Something to entertain everyone who has to look over these things with a meticulous eye. But below are a few pages from the opening of the show:

Finally, a bit of boarding from a sequence that didn't make the cut (due to time). Too bad, as I thought I really hitthe nail on the head with this one. Lumpy is spending the night at Roos, and is homesick. He misses his mom. We push in thru Roo's window onto Lumpy, in his sleeping bag on the floor next to Roo's bed. The room is lit by a single candle behind him. It flickers gently. Lumpy looks up at the ceiling, thinking of his mother, and sees a familiar shadow (his shadow) which reminds him of his mother. He reaches his trunk up to the ceiling, which causes his shadow to reach out as well...out toward him. He tries to touch "his mother's" trunk, but can't reach. He lays back down, lonely and sad, the shadow receeds as well:

Next Episode: Drunken Tigger

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Brandon Vietti said...

Must be nice to have the time to take boards to that level of finish. Yup! Must be nice. I wouldn't know anything about having that much time on my hands. Nope!

I'm jealous.

Beautiful work, Kirk!