Monday, June 26, 2006

Bedtime for Bouncer: a tigger tale

My latest board for Tigger and Pooh is titled "Bedtime for Bouncer". The premise is that Tigger is unwiling to sleep, as it takes up precious bouncing time. As a result of his all night bouncing bender, Tigger spends the entire episode in a sleep deprived state of drunkeness (my skewed approach to the story). Retitle this episode "Drunken Tigger". I'll post boards of some of Tigger's acting here later in the week. Really funny character stuff. I can't wait to see how the board plays out on this one. Pretty random stuff going on here (one of these days my boards are going to get so crazy, people will have a hard time figuring out which scripts they are supposed to illustrate! haha. As long as they're funny!)

(oh, and see previous posts for an explanation on the twisted cover page)

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