Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kickin' Shell and takin' names

Decided to try something a little different and show work that is a little rougher than I usually post. These are my thumbnails for a new opening for a long running kids show. Action! Action! Action! 2 different takes on a drive by fight:

Since it's a new opening, we get to play more with CG backgrounds and a higher grade of animation than we can usually get in an episode. So the action here is all presented in 1 camera move; pulling out panning and spinning around. Anyway - just thought it was pretty fun to look at and hoped it might be a bit informative about my process.


Did a little segment for this project for Marvel under the excellent direction of Jay Oliva (a fantastic artist, great action boarder and all around great friend). Buy 2 for every kid you know! Should be a fun movie (brought to you by the same kids that made the Ultimate Avengers movies, Iron Man (oh yeah - worked on that with Jay also! - check it out too! - in Best Buys everywhere!).

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My part in the war on terror...

This recent spot is nothing if not "All American" I didn't even post the tricycle with the American flag on the back of it (no joke - but it works!), but you get the picture. Not all pieces are here (it's actually quite extensive) so don't worry if you feel like you're missing some of the story. Keeping the style realistic, simple and elegant really helps sell the concept without sending the whole thing overboard emotionally (which could happen all to easily). With great writing and art direction (all this info will be updated once we get closer to air date) this is a good example of how people who might, at first blush, be a bit cynical to a clients message can really connect with the parts that resinate with all people and produce an effective campaign.