Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Something from a Generator Rex

Most everything I do these days seems to have a 6 month to a year 'top secret' status; meaning I can't post anything until after it airs.  Even then, there are often limitations as to what can be released.  All part of getting to play with some of the best properties ever created, so I'm not kvetching at all.  But the other day, I ran across a particularly nice episode of Generator Rex on Cartoon Network from way back in Season 1.   It was one that I was fortunate enough to get to work on, and this episode was particularly fun because I had a lot of artistic freedom to develop a real feel for Rex's flashback experiences in Hong Kong.  Posting some of the finished work here (along with a smattering of pages so you can see how I was able to help guide the look and feel of some shots).  Until such time as the link is smashed, here's the episode for your enjoyment:



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