Monday, September 18, 2006


Well, it's the start of a new Season for Capital Playhouse. This will make my...I have no clue....5th year doing their posters and programs and logos and brochures and photo touchups. It's been pretty great. I get to change styles with each new project and work on lots of great shows.

This year's a bit different as my sister (my usual art director and boss at the theatre) has left CPH and has moved to another state. We like working together so much, we're going to continue with Kris continuing as project manager. And this year we're going to do it all remotely. So far it's working fine (though we were having the damnedest time banging out a concept for this poster). In the end, something classy always sells a show like this.

Though I just did a yellow and black poster for Urinetown last season, I think a nice black and high chrome yellow could really make this design pop.

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