Friday, May 12, 2006

Meeting with the Man

Today I met with Jeff Kline, our Executive Producer on Pooh, for lunch. He was very gracious with his time and open with his opinions (which is one of the reasons I really enjoy working with him...he is generous, smart, direct and well thought out in his critiques) (don't take no sh*t neither!). We talked about a lot of things, including one of my properties that I am currently developing further. It was great to get his take on it, and to get his advice. No buttering up here. I am very fortunate to have several people I really respect in the career who are willing to take the time to help me develop as an artist: David Hartman, Chuck Drost, Therese Trujillo and Maura Sullivan to name a few, but not to slight any of the many others who are so generous with me.

So, for the first time publicly, I present a sneak peak at the "Z-Boys",.

Thanks for indulging my gush.

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