Sunday, April 30, 2006

Just a Snapshot

A portrait of life with 3 cats. Now you might think, "how chaotic!", but you haven't seen the half of it. Add in the dirt and debris of a full studio reconstruction (which you can reenact on your own computer by liberally dusting the screen with talcum powder and covering your keyboard in crap you find off the floor) and you can see what we're up against. But give it a bit of time and we'll have the best damned studio around! You're all invited to the opening party...if we ever finish construction.

1 comment:

Brandon Vietti said...

Man, all your work here is really nice! I really like your cat drawings, especially the one on the bottom right. Nice caricatures of you guys too. And Blingbabies is awesome!

Are you really taking the time to ink your Pooh boards? Are your schedules that relaxed? Sheesh! Looks great though!